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Echo in camera

Auteurs de l'oeuvre :
Interprètes de l'œuvre :
Sam Gold, marionnettiste
Gabriel Hermand-Priquet, marionnettiste
Type d'œuvre :
Nature de l'œuvre :
Version d'Œuvre
Date de l'oeuvre :
Sujet de l'oeuvre :
“Echo in Camera” is a bold new interpretation of the classic Orpheus myth, in which Orpheus travels to hell in search of his lover Eurydice. He is told by the gods that he can take her back above ground on the one condition that he not look back while he leads her to life. Of course, he can’t resist, and she is lost forever. In Paska’s new version, Orpheus, now modernly named Tom, actually goes in search of his other personality, his “better” if wilder half, without whom he can’t seem to compose a note. It’s a confusing ride, for both Tom and the audience, but there’s something astonishingly transfixing about the work, whether or not you know exactly what’s happening. Through his journey, Tom runs into Joan of Arc, who hears voices in the form of gently jingling bells, and Beethoven, who is charmingly hard of hearing. The myth takes on complex themes dealing with identity, sound and sanity with these new additions.

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