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Portail des Arts de la Marionnette - Le Lab
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Coyote's journey

Interprètes de l'œuvre :
Clarence Hostler, narrateur
Charlie Thom, exécutant vocal
I Made Moja, marionnettiste
Type d'œuvre :
Nature de l'œuvre :
Version d'Œuvre
Histoire de l'oeuvre :
Coyote's Journey: The Elder's Cut is a creation story from the Karuk tribe of the Klamath River in Northern California. Pineifich (Coyote) creates the world and rests... He is bored. Wondering what to do, he remembers hearing of an inland ocean full of Indian money, and sets out upriver to find it. As he goes along, he steals berries from Chimush (Lizard) and is cursed by Kacahka'ach (BlueJay): Hey can you help me? Coyote ate all my berries. Don't hurt his legs, though, or his eyes. I'll sing him that "Make'em thirsty song". Then he'll know he done something wrong. Coyote drowns on a sand bar and is eaten by Swoosh and Pishpishi (Ants and Yellowjackets) Then he picks himself up and starts all over again upriver and over ridges taking shortcuts to nowhere. Along the way he creates sacred dances and sacred places, and he puts his wisdom into songs and stories. In the Karuk language the word for "shadow" is the same as the word for "spirit".
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