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Portail des Arts de la Marionnette - Le Lab
7 place Winston Churchill
08000 Charleville-Mézières
+33 (0)3 24 33 72 50

L'Objet sonore et ses rythmes, stage dirigé par Dominique Montain et Henri Ogier

Summary :
The Object, its Sounds and its Rhythms.
through practice the creative potential of the interplay between visual and acoustic languages, using a very contemporary mix
of stage techniques. This workshop will explore the three distinct languages and specific musical qualities of the voice, the body and gesture, and the object with sound. Vocal improvisations will be used to : establish coherent links between the voice, movement and the object (accompaniment, opposition, shifts, backing-up, etc.); to
heighten awareness of the image that is generated and the meaning
that is conveyed; to write an open score; and, finally, to elaborate a visual and aural itinerary in which codes disappear in favour of
theatricality, the imagination and emotion.
Type d'œuvre :
Stage / Atelier
Nature de l'œuvre :
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