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Portail des Arts de la Marionnette - Le Lab
7 place Winston Churchill
08000 Charleville-Mézières
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Summary :
Frail and dishevelled, the 102-year-old Mathilde grasps onto a handrail and wearily does her exercises. It's high time to go, especially as a party is being organised in her honour at the old people's home. But Mathilde has more important things on her mind: she is waiting for a sign from another time. Her former lover made a promise and she won't go until he keeps it. The triptych Mathilde, of which parts 1 and 2 are being shown together for the first time, portrays Mathilde and people that are connected to her. It is a story about hope and remembrance, about the fear of dying, about letting go, and about talking as a proof of existence, as a way of assuring oneself of one's strengths and power of imagination.
Interprètes de l'œuvre :
Neville Tranter, interprète
Wim Sitvast, interprète
Type d'œuvre :
Nature de l'œuvre :
Version d'Œuvre
Date de l'oeuvre :
Sujet de l'oeuvre :
Mathilde met en scène résidents et personnel d'une maison de retraite. Le spectacle a été adapté en français à partir de janvier 2013. Cette version dure 1h.

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